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Getting little ones to eat their vegetables.

How do you get the little ones to eat more vegetables?

For me its about adding in the vegetables, the nutrients, the phytochemicals.
The goodies that help them glow and flourish.

Get the kids to help you in the kitchen.

It is the most exciting thing to be standing next to mum using a child safe knife chopping and grating.

Get them sampling with you as they chop if they will, and they may be surprised at how sweet raw carrot is, how crunchy a red capsicum is and how cute little celery half moons are.

Whisper how this is a big girl/ big boy job and how clever they are to be helping you.

You can just add the vegetables to tea, or hide them if you will, but it’s lovely for them to be more visible, especially if the kids have helped you.

This is why a home made pizza is so perfect!

Make an appropriate pizza base, such as Nadia lims quinoa bases (added protein and nutrients) and pretend you have your very own Dominos in action!

Always a good idea to avoid having kids chopping tear jerkers such as red onions and these are nice precaramalised in a fry pan before they go into the oven.

Then place everything at child reach and ask them to layer the pizza.
Make sure you have some fresh herbs from your garden that the kids have chopped up and have them as the “sprinkles“.
Parsley and marjoram, oregano and basil are flourishing at this time of year.
They add to the nutrients and help strengthen small immune systems.

If you have a juicer , get them to help you juice some yummy juice blends , such as orange and carrot and pop them in mini glasses with a straw and paper umbrella.

My kids were grumbling about having to include tomatoes on the pizza at lunchtime today, but then Millie commented how you couldn’t even see them when everything else was on top and they both agreed with my comment about how you probably couldn’t even taste them, if that was worrying them!
And they didn’t taste them and they loved their pizzas!


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